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Description of VALC’s logo

1. Foundation

   With its simple but solid layout, the subtle stylization of the aircraft tail brings us the feeling of friendliness and closeness that makes the logo easy to recognize and remember. Its colours, red and blue, mean steadiness while the bold characters represent the solid foundation of the company where all the values, believes and success come from, that contribute to the brand reputation domestically and internationally.

2. Pioneer

    Initiating from the idea of an aircraft taking off – an image that best describes the company’s core business, the logo affirms our pioneer in taking opportunities to succeed. The layers represent our youth and freshness, as well as our solidarity and collective strength that will guide us through our growth and development to success. The characters – VALC - symbolize a launching platform helping aircraft to fly high and far and highlight VALC’s value and importance to customers.

3. Breakthrough

The balance between the strong taking off aircraft and the flexible characters emphasizes our strong growth on our way of integration and development. VALC and our businesses being illustrated by the image of an aircraft indicate our breakthrough in choosing this new and challenging business. The simple and subtle combination of only two colours, red and blue, brings the feelings of safety and reliability. The colour of peace and success, blue, is brought high and far by the aircraft VALC.

4. Strength

    With a perfect layout of colours, images and size ratio, the logo has a modern, strong, commercial and professional look. The aircraft tail – VALC’s symbol has a strong attachment with our country to represent VALC, a leader in aircraft leasing and aviation service provider in Vietnam. The strong and sturdy logo highlights VALC’s inner strength. This is a firm prediction of VALC’s success on its way of integration and development to build a prestigious brand, both internationally and domestically so that VALC can become a pride of Vietnam.

5. Impressiveness

    The simplicity of the logo makes it difficult at first to figure out the meaning but with a second look, we can easily recognize the aircraft tail which is very simple and easy to remember. And that impressive and unique simplicity indicates VALC’s self-confidence, flexibility and self-motivation. This delicate representation increases VALC’s brand value, customers’ brand awareness and builds a good image of the company at the first sight.

VALC’s logo
 VALC News
On 19 Dec 2012, VALC successfully took delivery of the A321-231 aircraft with MSN 5418. This is the ...
Chi tiết
At 17:00 5th September, 2012 local time in Hamburg, Vietnam Aircraft Leasing Company (VALC)   ...
PRESS RELEASE  23-08-2012 11:12am
VALC delivered the first A321-200 to Vietnam Airlines.
Chi tiết
On November 5th, 2011, Vietnam Aircraft Leasing Company (VALC) took delivery of the EC155 B1 ...
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